Precision Coaxial Adapters

Arance offers adapters with various connector types. Our precision adapters are available for test and measurement applications and production testing.

Selection Matrix

Connectors 1.85mm                                            
1.85mm SMPM                                          
SMPM   2.4mm                                        
2.4mm 2.92mm                                      
2.92mm SSMA                                    
SSMA     SMP                                  
SMP         3.5mm                                
3.5mm       SMA                              
SMA   N                            
N         L16                          
L16               7mm                        
7mm             √      BMA                      
BMA                       TNCA                    
TNCA                   SSMB                  
SSMB                           SSMC                
SSMC                             TNC              
TNC                         1.0-2.3            
1.0-2.3                                 SMC          
SMC                                   SC        
SC                                   MCX      
MCX                                       MMCX    
MMCX                                       SMB  
SMB                                           BNC